Visit with your class

Engage your students with the dramatic story of America's Founding in a revolutionary way! 

The Museum of the American Revolution welcomes students in grades 4-12 to discover the stories of our nation's founding alongside a trained Museum educator.  From the stirrings of unrest in colonial Boston to the ratification of the Constitution, the revolution will become real for students who will explore its ideals and challenges firsthand. 

Already booked your group visit to the Museum of the American Revolution? Great! We’re excited to welcome you and your students to an experience like no other, where they’ll learn about the ideas and events of the American Revolution through the stories of every day men, women and children.

To prepare for your visit, please explore the resources below. We’re happy to answer additional questions – please contact us at 267-579-3623. 

Field Trip Materials

Student Orientation PowerPoint

Help your students prepare for their museum experience: Give them a sense of what they’ll see, who they’ll meet, and what they’ll get to do and explore with this Orientation PowerPoint, geared towards 4th-8th grades. 

Character Cards

Your students’ visit will be built around the stories of real people who lived during the American Revolution. At the end of their tour experience, they’ll get to see something remarkable: actual photographs of these men and women who were born in the 1700s! You don’t need to research these people in advance to have a great visit, but if you’d like to know more about them, this reference sheet will get you started.

Pre-Visit Notes

These helpful notes are included just for you – feel free to reference them as you share this material with your student group. Click for a one-page document for your use.

Coming Fall 2018

Hamilton Was Here: Rising Up in Revolutionary Philadelphia